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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Windows |

PageNest, or how to save entire pages for offline browsing

PageNest, or how to save entire pages for offline browsing

Although Internet and cloud content are definitely the undisputed protagonists of masters and consumer computing today, so that it no longer even known by that name, access to content offline or offline always have a small hole in it. For example, and I quote the first example that comes to mind, although many we use Spotify to enjoy the music, we often make use of its features offline to avoid excessive data consumption or for more fun when we have no connection Internet.

Returning to what is the general scope of content consumption, most-videos, music, etc.-access through hypertext, and his canvas, the web pages. Sometimes we talked about how to get hold of web pages for offline enjoyment, such as with PageArchiver , a Chrome extension that keeps the entire page, with images, and can be a very good idea because of its good results and quickly.

We have also discussed the existence of Single File , also do the same thing it does in a single HTML file, including embedded images directly in binary. Today, however, I want to talk about PageNest , a utility for Windows that allows you to download entire websites for offline browsing.

Its premise is simple. Locate the main page of a site, a fact that we have to specify which in most cases will be the domain address of the site in question, and from there go extracting images, scripts, CSS, and other elements, to get hold of the entire website.

Like all applications of this style, not infallible, and depending on how the site is written and security systems including, do their job completely achieved or will leave us with some items not available. In tests it has worked like a charm, however, and so I decided to tell you about it, besides its simplicity: Basically you have to press a button, the discharge, after the introduction of the URL.

In the options you can configure parameters such as the level of depth you want to access (eg, follow hyperlinks to three times: Page 1 -> Page 2 -> Page 3), the option not to set limits and try to get hold of the entire site, or the type of files you want to download or exclude.

Incidentally, PageNest has a free version and a Pro which costs 40 dollars (30 euros) and adds some features in addition to technical support. If you have decided to choose the first, it makes sense to find out whether or not you convinced, watch the installation program as it includes ad-ware, totally painless, though, and will ask if you want to install the famous IncrediBar in your browser .

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