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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Technology |

Patent for Kinect and watch you at home and charge for violation of license

Patent for Kinect and watch you at home and charge for violation of license

Although presented in 2011 by Microsoft, was last week when it uncovered a that seeks to turn on Xbox360 a monitoring tool for home users . A method by which large firms could control the type of use that is made of their licensed products, in the case of violation or infringement, charging users for it.

A patent application entitled “Content Distribution Regulation by Viewing User”, what would be a way to use Kinect to control not only what we are watching or listening on the platform, but few people even while they do with us.

Part of the description reads:

The technology is described briefly as a content display system and method that allows content providers to regulate the topics covered by the user in a database. This content is for consumer systems such as televisions, computer screens … with a license number of consumers associated with individual or group that are consuming the same content.

The limitation may comprise a series of views of users, a series of views of user over time, a number of concurrent user reviews, opinions related to user identities, limited view to the user’s age or any variation or combination thereof, all related to the total amount of content consumers who are at the same time. Consumers are presented with a selection of content and a selection of licenses allowing the consumption of that content.

Users who consume … content on a display device is controlled so that if the number of visits allowed by the user is exceeded, corrective action can be taken.

Although at no time the word Kinect or specifically mentioned, it seems clear that if we talk about and a camera needed to track and identify persons in a room, we talk about the peripheral.

What comes to say the patent is that each user would have a single license after a purchase (eg film). A license with a limited number of people to see it. Kinect may be able to detect the number of people in the room under the license purchased program … and even charge you in the event that you have exceeded.

A real madness conducted. A peripheral watching you at home and could be fined after such monitoring tells you the license acquisition.

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