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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Software |

Path Launches iPad version

Path Launches iPad version

Path has released a version of its app for iPad and Mini to enable its users to be aware of the lives of those closest such as close friends and family. Now you will not have to continue using the original application for iPhone and adjust it to a size twice as big to fit the screen of the tablet.

This new version of adapted to the iPad offers features to make the most of the possibilities which the tablet. When we orient the tablet horizontally, we get a tile view with the most important events of the daily activity of our contacts, as well as a map that shows all the check-ins a day.

Using it in this way is an experience because all the moments are shared in small rectangles in the purest style Metro with different sizes depending on their importance to us. Path uses an algorithm to predict what information will be most interesting to everyone. Also, note that if we pass the iPad from portrait to landscape never show us the same design, will always be different.

We must also add that having more space much more information is displayed each time. For example, if we click on the last song you heard a friend will see the total number of smiles received, similar to like about Facebook, but also music by that artist and best song at the discretion of our contacts.

If you prefer to use the iPad in landscape orientation, the design will be very similar to the existing application for iPhone, giving much emphasis to images giving a visual aspect to captivate users.

Path opens new horizons and becomes available for the iPad with a much more appropriate helping to consume content in a much more comfortable.

Link: Path for iPad

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