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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Intellectual Property, Internet |

Paypal blocks Usenet providers and freeze their funds

Paypal blocks Usenet providers and freeze their funds

Following BitTorrent and cyberlockers, think has begun targeted services. For the first time the payment system on the network has cut several accounts Usenet service providers and funds frozen in their accounts. The reason: the growing concern about the infringement of in the network and strict policy changes Paypal.

For many months he had begun a struggle Paypal aggressive on cyberlockers and BitTorrent sites. A policy where they drowned funds to prevent the infringement of copyrights which now seems that targets providers Usenet .

According count from TorrentFreak, Paypal Tuesday cut its services to five dealers which included XSUsenet Usenet, and Usenet4U EasyUsenet. Usenet providers could no longer accept payments through Paypal and funds held in their accounts had been frozen for 180 days.

The reason seems to be the new policies of the payment system. Currently, to be accepted by Paypal, the file hosting services must meet a list of demands draconian, all designed to prevent the infringement of copyright and the use of illegal files. Some terms that also apply to the newsgroups.

Several Usenet providers disconnected after confirmed Tuesday that their accounts were suspended because they violated the terms now applied. At least one of the affected companies told the Paypal page that never asked for this policy change also had detailed company was operating clearly a Usenet service.

We think that the decision by Paypal is a financial blow for the companies involved. Many customers who need or prefer to pay through Paypal will go elsewhere, even worse, have lost all access to a substantial amount of their funds.

The situation is exactly the same as that experienced with many of the major file hosting services. Putlocker was one. The UK company Paypal account was frozen for several months. the reason was that they refused to allow the payment service elses uploads by users. According Putlocker:

Paypal wanted access to our records to control all the files up and find a list of everything that users wanted. All this regardless of the privacy settings that the user has selected. This is an invasion of privacy and intimacy by Paypal. It is none of your business what files are in your account each user.

So did Mediafire, who could not come to an agreement with the system due to their policies. A draconian policies where the copyright lobby and pressure seem to guide the rules of Paypal. If this continues, it is quite possible that in a few months there is not any option to enter the system for file hosting services or even for Usenet providers.

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