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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Windows |

PC monitoring tools

PC monitoring tools

Although we have a team that is the top end, our PC always requires special care. If we do not have this care, at some time, may be soon, may be in a few years, our computer will start to suffer problems. So today let’s make a list of some monitoring tools our PC, which will allow us to determine the memory consumption, temperature, memory status, and much more.


This is a free tool that allows us to see what is happening in many aspects of your computer. With CPU-Z also have an organized way to see the information, rather than search multiple sources. Specifically, what we see is the processor type and speed, voltage, cache information, the motherboard model, details of RAM, BIOS details, and more. Another interesting aspect is that you can generate reports with this information, if you need them for later.


Another very comprehensive tool called SensorsView , and besides many monitoring options we are able to control the of our PC. In fact, it leads to an extreme temperature letting us see the motherboard, CPU, and internal hard drives you have installed. Besides telling us the temperature, we can set starting alarms to be alerted when the temperature reaches critical levels (something very useful) and lets us see the whole picture of the temperatures of all parts of the PC. Whereas we hear an alarm from up to receive an email for each temperature, has a remarkable system alerts.

Hardware Sensors Monitor

Another useful tool for monitoring the temperature of our PC’s Hardware Sensors Monitor . There are many hardware options to control this, but since the software can be more complicated. The differential value offered by this tool, comparatively with SensorsView, is that it gives us the option of turning off the computer or run a certain application when the team reaches a certain temperature, giving us more automation options. Critical temperatures are also configurable, allowing set starting a “yellow zone” and “red zone” of temperatures.


One alternative to these two tools free temperature control of them speak, SpeedFan helps us predict potential overheating faults in the system. We can also see the current temperatures of the CPU and hard drive, report voltages, and, among other things. Not as complete as customizable as SensorsView or Hardware Sensors Monitor, but is free.

PC Pandora

To monitor what is happening in a computer can use one of the most recognized tools which is PC Pandora . This tool allows you to record your screen to see what is happening when a particular user is holding. Although we work with a little more confidence in the people who have to use our PC, PC Pandora is a good tool for monitoring the security of our computer, recording all emails, instant messages, passwords and more.

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