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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in News |

Pepephone offers ADSL for 23 euros

Pepephone offers ADSL for 23 euros

By Miguel Angel Uriondo we learned that Pepephone a lowcost carrier that most people know its low fares and great customer treatment out into the world of ADSL. Will offer all-inclusive rate for 23 euros without VAT, a tremendous attack on competition as it would be the cheapest in the market.

The company did not give away the modem, phone line will not include fixed or calls. The customer pays high fees and low service to Telefónica. Pepehone ensure the service and agrees not to charge the customer if it stops working duarnte more than 5 hours per month.

The ADSL Pepephone work through Vodafone and leave on probation in November this year. If all goes well and it works, may contract the service all customers in January.

An important part that can not be neglected is speed. Whenever you hire an service we usually fix it. Well, is committed to offering the highest speed. It all depends on the line you have. If you get 20 MB home, have your 20 MB. But if you get 10 MB, 10 MB will. You always have the speed you pay 23 euros. To avoid problems, Pepehone not offer their service to those with a low speed line.

The offer is quite aggressive Pepephone. For 23 euros a month we will have a high quality ADSL. Growing competitivad between operators. They should take into account supply and try to get other proposals flashy to attract customers.

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