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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet, Windows |

Perform a full backup of your browser data

Perform a full backup of your browser data

These last days people are talking about a problem that affects a large number of Internet users: We have discovered a critical vulnerability affecting Internet Explorer , which despite having been displaced by Google Chrome, remains one of the browsers used today.

The vulnerability could allow an attacker to take control of the computer, which is not very common and why was described as critical. All this is to say, among other things, that Web browsers have become one of the integral parts of any operating system user, it includes standard or not.

Perhaps, and hopefully so we never see affected by an issue as serious as described, but what if we should bear in mind is that every day you access to critical data through the browser, and surely some of these data are either for convenience or because we have not set enough in the browser. This also goes on to say that such data can be alone there, and if we lose them for some reason or another, we can spend time in the best case or data forever at worst.

So it’s good to back up the browser and the data on it, regardless of whether we use Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or any other. In each the steps for this vary, and may be more or less difficult but there is always a way to do it, even resorting to external tools.

Synchronization in the Cloud

Perform a full backup of your browser data image 2

Google or for example allow synchronization of cloud content. This not only makes the data locally if we lose we can recover easily by entering a password, but also enable us to keep our work organized and unified computer regardless of where we are.

In fact, the synchronization of content was one of the tips you gave on usability in Chrome , and an indispensable option for all power-users and their Internet browsers. We will enjoy the convenience of not having to store data locally and still retain the following elements in the same session or browser profile:

  • Eyelashes
  • Passwords
  • Browsing History
  • Favorites
  • Extensions and plugins
  • Form data

And depending on the browser more. However, as explained the detailed process required a lengthy post for each of them, I also want to mention another interesting possibility to use an external utility.

Local Backup and Online

Perform a full backup of your browser data image 3

BrowserBackupPro is a unified tool that allows us to save the profiles that we use in the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Chromium (the free version of Chrome)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera

Its beauty lies in its simplicity as only need to select the browser you use and follow one of the two options available, the backup or restore. Let’s see how it works, but basically already summarized:

When we run the application with a simple window with two main options-three for Opera-browsers and a selector. Once the browser to select the profile you want to save, use the Create Backup. If we use multiple users (eg Chrome permitting) we will present a list of profiles, besides being able to select our own path, ideal if you already have a copy made by another tool and want to retake it.

The next thing is to select the elements to save a list as you can see in the following screenshot:

Perform a full backup of your browser data image 4

Finally, select a destination folder and click Finish. The file is saved with a name that includes default username, date and extension. Bbf, ideal for us to identify the backup you want to restore, the steps are exactly the same but suffice to select the original copy.

What’s more, not only can we save our profiles / accounts on your computer, the utility also adds the ability to save backups to the cloud, so we will have to enter our registered user data. If you want to use this option simply visit the website, register, and then select Cloud-Server when backing.

BrowserBackup Pro is also a utility available in two versions, a demo and a payment. But today is free and has all the functionalities that previously had to pay, which in addition to the above, include the following:

  • Ability to encrypt password copies
  • See backup information
  • Clear cache and browser profile for the selected

For other features, there is only stop by the author’s website , where you can also download an application that can be ideal for those who use multiple browsers for work or personal.

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