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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Technology |

Performance mini iPad on 3G networks and Wi-Fi

Performance mini iPad on 3G networks and Wi-Fi

The iPad mini we received for Review at the time was a Wi-Fi only version. The reason is that during the first weeks of the launch of the new model of the tablet, were not available versions with 3G + LTE connectivity. These days are already on sale, we received a test drive and went to the street to measure performance of the cellular networks 3G iPad mini.

At the time, when I wrote my analysis of the iPhone 5 , I was pleasantly surprised with the speed that could be achieved in 3G networks, at least in Spain. Considering that the average speed of LTE in the U.S. is about 30 megabytes per second, the 18 megs I reached in the iPhone 5 (not in an LTE network) left me quite satisfied.

When we analyze the iPad mini we are left with the desire to know the performance of the device in 3G networks. Why? especially as the A1454 model shares the same component as the iPhone 5, which lets you connect to UMTS, HSPA and DC-HSDPA in the 850, 900, 1,900 and 2,100 MHz

Does the mini iPad 3G, being a larger device, but with a slower chip than the iPhone 5, would reach the same speeds, higher, lower? The answer was rather surprised.

The iPhone app at 2x on the for lack of a better app to measure connection speed

In the center of Madrid, in the afternoon, in areas quite busy, networked Movistar we reach, no problem and repeatedly speeds of 21 megabits per second downstream and a little over 3 Rise. The only think I have access to those speeds on an iPad, anywhere, without connecting to Wi-Fi is pretty exciting. Especially considering that is twice the average speed of ADSL in Spain and three or more times the Latin American average.

Major mobile operators are beginning to deploy DC-HSDPA in several countries in both Latin America and Spain, which allows devices to connect to two channels of data simultaneously. In theory reach speeds of 42 megabytes per second. The mini iPad 3G supports that protocol, a matter of time to reach those speeds on the device.

And out of curiosity, what are the maximum speeds of a mini iPad over a Wi-Fi 802.11n? Also surprising. In an optical fiber network reach without problems 65 megabits per second downstream and upstream 10.45 megs. Certainly surprising.

Performance mini iPad on 3G networks and Wi-Fi image 2

The Speedtest app iPhone at 2x on the iPad mini for lack of a better app to measure connection speed. In this case tried in a Wi-Fi connected to the Internet via fiber optic

As we use more tools working 100% mobile, the importance of maximum connection speeds increase, so that we have access to our data and information immediately as possible and work in the cloud approaching a reality and not in the near future.

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