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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Technology |

Philips hue, LED bulbs that are controlled from your smartphone

Philips hue, LED bulbs that are controlled from your smartphone

Today it is not surprising that we can control, through an application installed on your smartphone, television we have in our living room, our desktop or even a home automation system or thermostat of our climate system. These “intelligent environments”, which took about 10 years hearing about, are an increasingly palpable reality that allows users to activate the home alarm or, for example, turn on or off the lights in any room. Indeed, within the remote control of lighting, today introduced Philips hue , a LED-based light bulbs and, thanks to an application, you can control from your smartphone and change the color of the light emitted (adapting the environment to our needs).

The LED-based lighting, while consuming less power, offers many possibilities in terms of shapes or colors, which Philips has decided to take on a rather unique product that, when connected to our network, allow us to adapt the light of our home to our mood or even fit the context of the content they are viewing.

It may sound strange but Philips hue, which incidentally will be marketed starting tomorrow through Apple, some bulbs are “smart”, through a gateway, can connect to the router you have at home. Through this gateway, installing an application on your mobile device (iOS understand that since the product is sold through Apple) can set the lighting, using photos stored in the phone as palette (to reproduce these colors in bulbs ) or adapt the environment according to some preset settings.

Philips hue, LED bulbs that are controlled from your smartphone image 2

At first glance the product is, at best, is a curious and interesting approach to the “Ambient Intelligence”, ie, to control our home from a tablet or smartphone. However, from the economic viewpoint, is not within reach of every pocket as the starter kit, which includes 3 bulbs and communication gateway, $199 (a price that may be a barrier input) and separate each bulb costs about 60 euros (the gateway is capable of controlling up to 50 bulbs connected).

Turn off lights from the phone or change the color of the ambient light, perhaps something can fall short and a product may seem overly flashy and expensive but, with the idea of giving greater functionality to the product, Philips has opened the platform to developers to generate services and applications to interact with something “as simple” as the ambient light in a room.

Maybe, eventually, we may be playing a game on a tablet and the light in the room is able to recreate some game effects, a rather curious path but, in my opinion, now is not suitable for all budgets .

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