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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Apple, Technology |

Philips reimagines the market for LED bulbs with Hue

Philips reimagines the market for LED bulbs with Hue

This morning, Philips has introduced Hue , the most intelligent lighting in the world.

This new system allows you to create and manage up to 16 million colors of light in our home, from the unique application for iPhone or iPad.

The LED lighting system of Hue, in part to spend up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs, we can enjoy activities such as:

  • Save our own custom templates for each room light, and can restore them instantly at any time of day.
  • Use any picture of our device like a palette of colors to paint our room with light.
  • Create environments to complete the decoration of our rooms.
  • Set timers to help manage our daily routine. The system can reduce the light intensity when we go to sleep and wake up at dawn increase.

The application of products Apple has four light preconfigured templates, based on investigations made by the company on the biological effects of lighting on our body. These scenarios allow us to relax, read, or be more energetic concentarnos.

In the words of Jeroen de Waal, Director of Marketing and Strategy at Philips Lighting:

> In tests in homes in New York, Berlin and Shanghai, consumers have highlighted the high quality of light color, programmable timers and being able to control lighting in their homes from outside.

Hue Philips is opening the developer community so that they themselves can explore the application and still unleash their potential.

Based on the successful experience Ambilight, Philips is developing for the future characteristics of Hue, as integration in media such as sound, or in the field of geolozalizaci√ɳn, to Hue knows if we are close to home so you can automatically turn lights, or turn them off when we get out of them.

Philips reimagines the market for LED bulbs with Hue image 2

Hue, will be available exclusively at stores from October 30. The basic package which is priced at 199 euros, includes 3 bulbs (equivalent to 50 watts) that will need to screw in a simple manner to the existing lamps, and then connect to our Wi-Fi.

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