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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Video Games |

PhoneJoy Play: universal gamepad for smartphones and computers

PhoneJoy Play: universal gamepad for smartphones and computers

I think I am not alone when they left touchscreen smartphones thought that in a few years we would have solved the issue of gamepads. That is, with how important video games for both the industry and manufacturers, how come no one has taken a gamepad that works with your smartphone to be, no matter if or iPhone?

I thought a few years ago that Apple would remedy and pull out a nice and useful gamepad and until today I resigned to play with virtual joysticks. In fact in my and almost no game and I do on the iPad because the screen size does not lose too much vision with my fingers. Yes that Android can play with the Playstation Sixaxis but is not an ideal solution.

The PhoneJoy Play comes to solve this problem. Some of its strengths are high portability, a battery that lasts 20 hours, Bluetooth connection, analog sticks and up to 14 fully programmable buttons. Besides the game list is extensive because iOS supports all games come Icade adapted for Android and supports many different emulators . Can also be used with a PC or Mac.

The PhoneJoy Play lets you use your smartphone in either landscape or vertical. Its telescoping device accepts up to 153mm wide and 14mm thick. As we see the range of smartphones that will come is very broad. To run on Android (version 2.1 minimum) only have to turn on the Bluetooth of our smartphone and application of PhoneJoy guide us through all the steps. For have to Icade mode of our Phonejoy PhoneJoy Play and launch the Game Center to find and install compatible games.

PhoneJoy Play: universal gamepad for smartphones and computers image 2

All these features come with a price that is quite reasonable. So far as they are in campaign Kickstarter are some slots to pay $ 50 for it. When you run out of available sites will be available for $ 60 and $ 70. If they get the funding required (the campaign started today and take 10% longer than necessary) to send the PhoneJoy begin play in April 2013. Will the PhoneJoy Play device that allows us to play comfortably with our smartphones? Time will tell.

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