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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Gadgets |

Phosphor: the watch that goes for the Pebble

Phosphor: the watch that goes for the Pebble

Surely you remember the famous clock that is sweeping the Internet. For if you had the bad luck of quedaros outside the first round of teams expected to come to light from next September, then maybe you are interested in the new clock with characteristics very similar to Pebble which incidentally leaves the idea factory that is Kickstarter. I mean the Phosphor , the last clock based on e-ink, which, although not “smart”, promises to very advanced features.

And is that unlike the Pebble, in Phosphor not talking about a SmartWatch (clock wise) since it does not connect to your phone, nor has possibilities of installing your own applications. But in return, we will Watch with great features and bombproof autonomy. One of its main advantages is that it has a range of one year. Yes, you read correctly. 365 of autonomy, thanks to a button cell as used by the clocks of all life.

Other features would be integrated world clock serial, six alarms, reminders for appointments, calculator, lunar information and even horoscopes. All this, with an electronic ink display with LED backlight and touch control. If we consider that will go on sale for $ 150 and now you can do with the through for just $99, you could say that is a bargain.

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