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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Curiosities |

Pi in the Sky: writing in the sky the first 1000 decimal places of Pi

Pi in the Sky: writing in the sky the first 1000 decimal places of Pi

These days are being held in San Francisco (California) the art biennial ZERO1 shown in works that combine Art and technology and develop activities around these themes. With the idea to start this event with force, the artist known as ISHKY and design studio Stamen decided to take the biennial had the skies of San Francisco and develop an activity that is done relating ephemeral world’s largest facility. And what did they do? In yesterday in the skies of San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Redwood City are able to see how many planes wrote the first 1000 decimal places of Pi.

Along a path of more than 240 kilometers, Pi in the Sky, which is the name of this unique project, painting in the sky got the first 1,000 decimal places of Pi using, for this purpose, five planes that made a spectacular synchronized to paint flight digits (where each digit had over 800 meters). The aircraft, belonging to a company specializing in making drawings for advertising air and has a fleet of airplanes equipped with devices drawing a matrix that allows them to synchronize the flight and, to some extent, work the same way as a desktop printer (scroll and paint points on each line).

This unique project had its Kickstarter tour and although only raised 20% of target value has been implemented within an activity that could be followed via Twitter (where users are encouraged to share pictures they drew from land), through Facebook or via the project website (where you have hung many of the images that have been sharing users) since, in addition to the visual impact, are chasing the interaction with users.

After this experience, ISHKY wants to step arose more and launch a satellite into space so that, from orbit, transmitting a radio signal with the digits of Pi, a challenge even more complicated than the one just completed.

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