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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Design, Present, Science |

Pinokio lamp that interacts with humans

Pinokio lamp that interacts with humans

Do you remember the first Pixar short? Did that in which Luxo Jr, a lamp, playing with his father and a small beach ball? The lamp was made famous in the world and became the Pixar logo. Now a robotics specialist Australian students – Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou and Joss Doggett – Pinokio have created an interactive desk lamp, that moves and reacts to the presence of humans. His appearance and movements reminiscent of Pixar lamp, and although still can not jump, this building seems to have totally genuine emotions. This cute lamp is part of the projects of the Victoria University of Wellington.

The lamp is aware of your surroundings and the people around her, is equipped with a webcam, Arduino (open hardware platform), a mechanical iris, microphone and six stroke engines. The lamp is able to recognize sounds, to track a person’s movements and behavior, even in a rather innocent. According to its creators, Pinokio is a project designed with the idea of exploring the expressive potential and behavioral computing robotics. Something that IMHO have succeeded. What is not known is whether the lamp is able to light and we do not know if it will be released soon, but I would buy it if it comes.

Its creators describe Pinokio better than anyone:

Pinokio is an intelligent and self-sufficient. However we believe are the expressive qualities and behavior that make it come alive. Like Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who is alive, confidently proclaiming “I’m a real boy”, is the lifeblood, irrefenable and instinctive, which makes apparently Pinokio shine with poetry and magic.

I imagine studying for an exam to Pinokio taking my hand, at least the hours would pass faster and have something to entertain me. What these guys have achieved is to give life an inanimate object giving the ability to be the depositary of our sympathies. What if I have one one day breaks?




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