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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Science |

Pinokio, Pixar lamp come true

Pinokio, Pixar lamp come true

I like fiction to reality pass. We see there are people trying to make robots that look like Transformers, create the shoes Marty McFly and now we have someone who has decided to create a Luxo Jr , Pixar’s animated lamp that greets us in each of his films.

This project we have to thank three researchers at the University of Victoria in Wellington, New Zealand who have managed not only to move the lamp independently but have some personality. And how is this done? Pinokio is powered by an Arduino and OpenCV , an open source image processing which seeks and detects people’s faces thanks to the webcam that takes the lamp. When one side tries to follow is to make contact.

The idea behind this project is to explore the expressive potential and behavioral computing robotics. So say can change their behavior to introduce different moods and so cause the lamp act accordingly. For now is considering the option of adding extroverted and introverted behavior and so we will see the lamp retract or approach. They have also introduced the option to be a machine that does not allow to turn it off and disconnect switch that reconnects Pinokio and becomes a version of the world’s most useless machine .

For the mechanics did not need 6 motors and other sensors are a leading mechanical iris, a microphone, a webcam and a pair of hacked servos and all the wiring for the movable arms. In the video we see that even they are fringed by polishing as it seems that sometimes stagnates in motion. However it is a very good try and secure a future that will be much more fluid interaction. And for the next version could add a light, that a lamp without light loses all meaning.

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