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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Pinterest presents pages for brands, how to take advantage

Pinterest presents pages for brands, how to take advantage

A while ago we presented several guides on how to leverage being a business or a brand. For my part di 9 tips to make the most , while also talking about 12 innovative uses for this platform also squeeze. Pinterest is not for everyone, but are now looking to attract more companies to the game with their brand new pages for business, we offer different possibilities to which we have a single user account. So today we are going to do a review of all the features, ways to activate them, and how to exploit them.

How do I turn?

We have two ways to access a company account. On one hand, we can convert the account that we have, which is very useful for those who have been managing the profile of a brand as if it were an individual output from Pinterest. If we want, we can create a new account through the section Pinterest for Business . The reality is that it is very simple and only have to click on the option for what we want.

If you click on the option to convert our existing account, we will have to choose between different types of business: professional, for photographers, bloggers, designers, and more-public figures, media, brands, retail stores, online stores sales, local businesses, restaurants, bookstores, etc-, institutions and nonprofit organizations, and the glorious option “Other” where we can put other things. The truth is that the categories are very encompassing and cover more or less all the needs of users who want to move to a business account. We also need to establish a contact name with a special courier, this will be the person responsible for managing the account on behalf of the brand. Then, we can also edit profile options such as biography, name, username, and website.

These same options are replicated when we want to create a new account. We can also upload a new logo.

What gives?

Several features “new” we can add when we have a business account for Pinterest. Using let us see if we change actually agreed, but brings these developments are:

  • Check website where users can view verified Pinterest official website of a brand or company, in the same way that you can do on Twitter, to ensure that we are in the presence of an official representative.
  • Featured specials: with the profile for brands we highlight some special pins we have done in one of our boards.
  • Call for Contributors: instead of being responsible for all publications, we may ask the help of certain employees, which also can be transformed into an interesting action to generate more engagement with the community of pinners.
  • Combination with Facebook Questions: also a good way to interact with our customers is through Facebook Questions. These questions can pinnear on one of our boards to generate more number of reviews and get an idea of what the response of our community.

The truth that all these “new” does not provide significant added value for users, as they are learning taken from the actions of other brands in the same Pinterest. In fact, in the website Pinterest for Business, we are told that the page will be updated according to the experiences of the brands. This has a negative aspect, because it gives us a spread, but otherwise has a positive aspect, which is what allows us to experiment with our own to find out what are the things that really work.

What is?

As we always say, before embarking on the creation of a new profile on a social network, we must consider whether our presence is needed there. The addition of brand pages is an element that can tip the balance for the affirmative side, but not entirely convinced. We offer many tools to work. To give an example, we have no analytical tool official, and we have to make do with other forms of analysis that may not be completely accurate.

But, despite this, it does have a utility. In principle, to verify our accounts is something that is worth a lot in the world of social networks, as official spokesmen transforms us into a brand for all users. We falling upon us some confidence, and this can also be utilized to send a message. This, as long as we understand what the needs that we must follow when we have a Pinterest account. It’s a very visual network, where the text does not work very well, and our users are demanding just that. So if we have an account for brands, we have to know how to fill it.

Pinterest Is it worth?

Pinterest is a network with a large number of users allows us to do many things. But as we have incredible freedom, it can happen that we do not know to do with that freedom. In other networks such as Facebook and Twitter, things are more established and have more structures to follow. So if we do not have the time to learn and give it a twist to our use of Pinterest, then I would say not worth it. If we want to experiment to test a strategy that works for us, then it is a good idea.

It depends, of course, on the particular needs of an account and our customers. So, before you create an account or to upgrade to an account for brands, it is best to evaluate well and create an action plan to know what we’re facing.