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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Mobile |

PlainText: a plain text editor for iOS

PlainText: a plain text editor for iOS

Today, except for very specific activities, we can go on a trip or leave our office to a meeting without having to carry our laptop since both tablets and smartphones allow us to access our corporate email, access applications our company or through services like , to documents that you have stored in the cloud. Logically, like as we work with our laptop can be distracted by other things or into the arms of procrastination, with mobile devices is a situation that can also occur in addition to apply ourselves and certain guidelines to be more disciplined and productive , it may be interesting have applications that help us stay focused on what we do.

Compose a document, whether to send it to one of our co-workers or clients, requires our concentration and, if anything just let time, remove any type of distraction (even the mere fact of having to add styles to the document ) can benefit. Working in plain text, for example, can be an interesting way to focus on the content of a document, something that Google Chrome can do with Write Space or from a Windows desktop, with MdCharm (combined with Markdown ). For us to work with devices (iPod Touch, iPad or iPhone), through applications such as PlainText can create documents and focus solely on the content of what we’re writing, offering a plain in which tend to avoid any distraction (offering interfaces quite stark).

PlainText offers an interface that emulates a sheet of paper, as if the digital version of a classic paper notebook where we write documents (and take a train ride to advance the text of the minutes of the meeting to just attend) and also with the possibility of turning what we write into specific folders defined in our Dropbox account. While we can store notes on your mobile device (even within folders), to dump documents generated in Dropbox is very interesting because this application, with a simple goal, can bridge the cloud and, in turn, with the other colleagues (opening the door for collaborative work).

We can start the outline of a document while traveling or even write much of the content, upload to Dropbox and all, in our office, someone download it for integration into a final document or format. But, most important, is that the interface is so simple and so clean you can write without anything to distract us (focusing on the content we are developing).

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