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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Video Games |

PlayStation 4: new details leaked

PlayStation 4: new details leaked

A few hours ago have known new technical details about what will be the new PlayStation 4. The developers already have their hands on the new developer kits and thanks to this fact we could learn important details about its architecture.

Apparently the new kit, which is called Orbis, comes with the appearance of a normal PC and this is the second version of the kit which is delivered to developers. The first was just a graphics card, is now on PC as amended, and the third, which is expected to go in January, and would be very similar to the final product. The final version is expected next summer.

From the details that have been told through internal meetings between Sony and developers can realize that for now Sony called Orbis to this machine and that in any case I’ve used the name of PlayStation 4. We know that Orbis is based on an AMD A10 series APU. Comes APU Accelerated Processing Unit and is the combination of a CPU and a graphics card. The Orbis A10 A10 is a variant of the existing and the ultimate goal is hardware that can run games at 1080p, 3D and 60fps. Very ambitious and see if we can finally enter the era of video games in Full HD.

Another important detail is that Orbis kits have 8 or 16GB of RAM. Also continue to use Blu-ray and discussed what would be the 256GB hard drive as standard but not knowing whether it will be SSD or normal. The hardware is not being done in Japan and Sony’s goal is to make a competitive but affordable machine to avoid problems PS3 launch. As for outputs and inputs currently no difference found in the PS3. We Wifi and Ethernet port and video output port still find the HDMI.

One of the big changes will be found in the user interface, which has been redesigned in order to make everything as smooth as possible. It is intended that the system can be out in the middle of a game to make actions such as browse the store and then you can return to the game without problems. Another element that would change the current system is that of the updates, which at this time does not allow you to do anything else while in process. Orbis is expected to be designed to be, in case the user accepts it, always in a state of suspension which can make the system automatically updates the background.

Regarding control no details confirmed and some information is expected this month. Is expected to be announced next Orbis just before E3.

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