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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Plugins, tips and tricks for Calibre

Plugins, tips and tricks for Calibre

is a free and open source for ebook readers manage their digital library, and as such we have already recommended Bitelia in one very comprehensive review that describes its operation thoroughly.

A good program like this is needed to keep at bay the uncontrollable digital Diogenes syndrome in which we fall when we started down and save on your computer. Calibre can convert not only the format we want but also organize our library, so we can find them listed and when necessary.

Calibre Plugins

Calibre API allows any user to develop plugins to expand functionality or change the default behavior of this application. The full list of plugins for Calibre is a good place to start finding more profits for our caliber.

To find and install a new plugin, Calibre, go into, go to Preferences> Plugins> Get new plugins and then install there look we want. You have to restart the program after installation.


Besides the plugins, to take full advantage of this ally ebook readers are also many tricks and tips. Here are some:

  • How to read your ebooks from any device (whether or not purchased at Amazon):
    Without doubt, one of the features we like the Kindle Cloud Reader is its timing: we can stop reading and resume at the same point even if we change device. But if we lose that option Amazon, because it only works in the ebooks we bought there. Here comes to our aid Calibre2OPDS , a free system that generates catalogs and working with Dropbox, allowing us to synchronize our readings, whether purchased or downloaded for free.
  • Finding duplicates:
    The typical problem when our ebooks collection begins to grow. The solution to this is in the form of plugin. Find duplicates is one of the most used plugins and lets you search: by author and title (combined) or author or title, or ISBN. Give several options for finding similar titles. To install must be sought from the program as explained above.
  • Using Calibre via Wi-Fi and from Android: Calibre Companion
    Calibre Companion is an unofficial app for mobile devices that sync with Calibre Android via Wi-Fi and organizes the library of that device.
  • How to create an ebook to Wikipedia
    The Wiki Reader Plugin lets you create an ebook with Calibre from the pages of Wikipedia want, just by typing a URL. It can be a quick fix for when you want to have in our e-reader’s documentation on Wikipedia certain subject or related subjects.
  • Taking your pendrive Calibre (Windows only)
    For a while the only way to access the program was using the computer on which it was installed, but as of version 8.5 can be put on a flash drive to carry it anywhere. It contains both the installation and the Calibre library, which is accessed by plugging the USB to any Windows computer. It can be downloaded from the website of Calibre .
  • Reading from the viewer’s own Calibre
    Now own Calibre has a display so you can read text from your computer. Some formats are opened using an external viewer and others through the viewfinder itself, in any case it has to be configured from Preferences> Behaviour. There are two ways to read the display: by scrolling or paging through. It also has a table of contents that lets you know where in the book you progress in reading.
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