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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Photography |

Polaroid presented the first mirrorless camera with Android

Polaroid presented the first mirrorless camera with Android

All indications are that was working on mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses based on Android. In addition to having leaked information in Russian social network , also found a press release on Dealerscope. Polaroid IM1836 is the assumed name of the new model.

Apparently, closely resembles the design of the Nikon J2, at least in the front. The back varies much since Polaroid does not have as many buttons as they incorporate a touch screen. It is known in advance that the camera will be manufactured by the company Sakar International and assumes that there is some sort of trade agreement between the marks to get a model as similar.

These documents revealed some technical specifications of the camera. Will be based on Android 4.0, take a touch screen 3.5-inch LCD and incorporate a sensor of no less than 18.1 megapixels. However, the physical dimensions of known although it is probably similar to that carries J2. Also, note that the leaked photos comes with an 30-10 mm lens. As is clearly waiting will have connectivity Wi-Fi, and a Micro SD card slot. In addition, you also have an HDMI port, for example, view the photos on a screen of more generous dimensions. It seems to be a good performance but still many details to know such as the amount of RAM or processor.

The large advantage with Android cameras lies in the number of applications that can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store to get the most of your camera. The ability to share photos in high quality instantly on social networks or simply store them in the cloud to prevent losing them is a big plus for many.

Till now we were Android cameras such as the Galaxy Camera but we had not yet seen without a mirror. Triumph? Such cameras? Currently there is no definite date for the release, but probably the CES 2013 is the date chosen. Its price is also a mystery to date.

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