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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Portable applications that can not miss in your pendrive

Portable applications that can not miss in your pendrive

We’re not always lucky enough to walk with our own computer everywhere. Even when we have a laptop, you may not want to take with us and other business meetings. Although tablets and other devices can compensate for the absence of some applications, if we are to work outside the home it never hurts to take some of our favorite shows with us. So, we have assembled this guide to our favorite portable applications.

The truth is that there are many portable applications, sometimes we do not realize because we are accustomed to working with a single computer. With devices like the iPhone and smart phones with powerful processors, many become obsolete. But when it comes to safety, we can fall back on these options, as well as to optimize the use of our team, answer emails, and more.

Lupo PenSuite

We can not start this list without mentioning one of the largest suites in regard to portable applications. With Lupo can access an impressive list of apps that we carry in our pendrive all the time, without consuming too much space, and meeting all our needs. It also has games, and other important resources.

They are more than 160 optimized for a very good performance from USB, selected by the team of Lupo and differentiated by categories such as security, system, offices, utilities, multimedia and Internet, among others. It’s completely free, so we should not waste the opportunity.

Download Lupo PenSuite

Adobe Portable

Some of the most important programs are also available in Adobe portable version. For example, to work from another computer can always choose to have the flash drive portable versions of Photoshop and Illustrator, especially if you plan to be in a place where computers do not have this software.

Navigation Tools

Browsers can also be transported without problems for a pendrive. Here, a selection of our favorites.


While Dropbox is easily accessible from the web, some may prefer to have the application installed. As we know, you can only have one account on your computer sync, so it is worth having an extra, just in case. For that, it comes in handy DropboxPortableAHK, a free application that allows us to use our account from anywhere.

How it works We do not need to have installed on your computer, but we just have to copy the whole directory to run the application. It also has a selective synchronization that allows to select the folder in the same manner as Dropbox. Obviously, the greatest kindness is that we can use two Dropbox accounts simultaneously (as we know, Dropbox does not support multiple accounts).

Download DropboxPortableAHK

VCL Portable

Both Mac and Windows, VCL is one of the best multimedia players, especially for video. If you do not want to use the option from the factory or the player that we have available on your shift, you can download for free VCL to see our videos.


Of course, computers are always vulnerable to attack. So we have to be covered with a good security suite. When this is also compromised, have backed up on a flash drive can be a good solution. These portable applications also developed as a security check before opening important documents on a computer that is not ours.

  • TrueCrypt : a few days ago we mentioned this application as one of the best to encrypt files in both Windows and Mac . Fortunately also available in portable form, to facilitate the security of our documents at all times.
  • CCleaner : This is one of the best records cleaners on the market, and we can also take advantage of a laptop computer if we are in a particularly neglected.
  • Spybot : to cover our backs, we can register the portable computer using Spybot, which allows us to detect malware threats have passed desapercebidas by local software.
  • DataRecovery : This program allows us to recover files that have been deleted and removed from the recycle bin. Available for different partitions of files, and how could it be otherwise, is also portable.

The portable universe as we see, is large, so we have several options. The most complete, obviously, is Lupo, but if you want to spin with 160 applications out of pocket, we can choose what we like and what more we use, also to save space on the USB device.

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