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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Video Games |

Portal can now be played on a Texas Instruments calculator

Portal can now be played on a Texas Instruments calculator

Anyone who considers videogames fan knows, has played or at least tried the game Portal, one of the largest and most successful sagas studies created by Valve, who are also responsible for the gaming platform for PC and Mac called Steam, and it is based on a character through various obstacles and challenges using a gun to shoot more bullets or laser beams, making it shoot portals we can use to overcome these challenges. Use physics, logic and calculation has never been more fun, and frustrating at the same time (especially in the later levels of each game).

It may sound a bit exaggerated my statement that “every fan should know video games”, but we’re talking about a cult game, especially among the geek community, so much so that a programmer forums Omnimaga has been the task of creating the first mobile version of Portal. This has not been developed for Android, even iOS, no, its creator known as “Buiderboy” has led Portal to scientific calculators.

While we can now play Portal through Steam on huge screens thanks to our function rooms Big Picture available from yesterday, why not always carry in our pockets Portal and backpack? Something must have asked the developer.

Builderboy ensures that programming languages used “TI-BASIC” and “AXE” to create this port (both directed to calculators), which was not his first, as on a previous occasion was the first installment of the series Doom also these calculators. The result of Portal in a scientific calculator is simply stunning, as evidenced by the video below.

We are facing the achievement of creating a simple enough code for this calculator, a program that is based on the physics of open two portals and use one to get to the other, or even to build momentum and overcome other obstacles. Therefore, Builderboy deserves applause.

The models are compatible Texas Instruments TI-83 + and TI-84 +. All information is available from the official forum Omnimaga , and just click on the link below, you can download the file needed to install any of these calculators Portal.

Download: Portal for TI-83+ and 84+ .

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