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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Video Games |

Possible Leaked Xbox 720 specs “Durango”

During last week the scene of the game has moved more than usual at this time by an unusual event, a forum for developers to identify a user without offering the sale of a course development kit Microsoft’s new console, Xbox 720 , along with a list of technical specifications which could be the equivalent – with slight differences – the home console that is expected between 2013 and 2014. The kit is offered for a total of $ 10,000 , an exorbitant amount but usual in this type hardware, especially models on sale yet or very limited access such as the development of devices for next generation consoles. The legitimacy of the device is highly questionable and in some ways there are clues that would lead most to think that if it is only a “scam” as the fact that his case is very similar to that of a conventional computer tower, but there are details consistent with most previous leaks and rumors, pointing to the authenticity of the system.

The machine described by “DAE”, username of the seller, includes an x86 processor manufactured by Intel – although in his Twitter stream is correct and says it really “is an AMD” – and “more than 8GB of RAM” with an NVIDIA GPU, which in reality is very different than expected so far by the many leaks in this respect, specifying a system with AMD and unit accelerated graphics to match. To make matters worse, on the rare and unusual photographs published there is a setting that screams “fraud” on all four sides, with a Matrix style background and a very simple menu that one would not expect on a device like this. However, according to the “multiple developers” consulted by the people of Digital Foundry on Eurogamer, the kit may well be true.

The processor of the alleged developer console published by DAE has 8 cores, partly confirming previous rumors , and belongs to a batch of units “alpha” that were distributed during the month of February to select partners of Microsoft. Surprisingly, all sources – who are first-class games for the console next to the Redmond company – to which Digital Foundry attended confirmed that the type of configuration, ignoring the manufacturer (Intel, NVIDIA) coincides with a real development kit .

There are still many things to change in a development kit to become a commercial machine. Of course, that system-like desktop will never get to the shops, because the first pass through the hands of Xbox design team to achieve the final appearance characteristic of a home console. Moreover, development kits usually include at least double the RAM on sale systems, and usually a more powerful processor and GPU for convenience for developers, but according to this character whose twitter inspires anything but confidence, plans to integrate an 8-core processor in your console end, so that either Intel is preparing an exclusive chip for the system – and that regardless of server units for no more than 6 processors cores – or as subsequently rectified, integrated in reality an AMD CPU.

At Digital Foundry seem quite convinced, and have tried numerous times to have very reliable contacts within the industry, so the story could end up being fairly accurate despite persenta inconsistencies, which are few. Personally, one of his tweets I’m pretty bad feeling, so I keep the sticker of “Fake” in case I need it. What do you think? Fact or fiction?

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