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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Posterous allows a backup of the contents published

Posterous allows a backup of the contents published

This past March, Twitter took Posterous in an operation that seemed aimed at the incorporation of the company talent since in these nine months, the service has had little movement towards improvements (rather have had more mishaps otherwise). Along with the announcement of the acquisition by Twitter, said it was preparing a tool for users wishing to do so could export the contents published and, in the end, nine months later, they have finally published said that utility .

In the same way that Google has made available to users of Google Takeout or Twitter began testing a couple of weeks your tweets download tool , Posterous has made available to all users a simple tool that will allow downloading All content published on this microblogging service.

After accessing the tool , the user all you have to do is ask Posterous of the contents and, after making the request, the process will start without user intervention. Once you finish the content collection process ends, we will receive an e-mail alert and we return to the backup tool to download a ZIP file with all our content (that will be in an HTML file that includes pictures and videos we post).

Backing up is quite simple and, frankly, it never hurts to know how we can download all the information we have risen to such services, for example, to order our lower face or simply to save a copy of the information we have published on the net. However, in the case of Posterous, the implementation of this tool suggests a possible closing of the service given the state of apparent abandonment which is since Twitter was made with him but, at heart, is in line with what has made Twitter, Google or even Facebook (by implementing tools that allow you to download a backup of all the information up).

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