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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Uncategorized | facilitates making presentations in remote facilitates making presentations in remote

The presentations, whether with PowerPoint, Impress or Prezi, are part of everyday life for many professionals either because they spend much of their time elabor√ɬ°ndolas or because managers are in a meeting or expose them because they are the recipients of the same and therefore are among the public. Many times, when we talk about we associate to them, almost automatically, the concept of “face”, ie a presentation before an audience implies, for example, in a meeting in which we are proposing the plan to address a project or are discussing the news of our products to a potential customer.

However, we can not always allow for travel to attend a meeting and make a presentation, a fact that some people often replaces the emailing of the presentation so that another person is the look on your own. These practices, in my opinion, is missing an opportunity to establish direct contact with our customers because in the best (if you choose to open our mail) will be dedicated to turning pages and will lack context unless the presentation is full of text (which makes it very boring to follow).

In the network there are multiple tools, and my partner Barbara today has shown us a number , with which we can conduct meetings virtually (via videoconference) and, for example, show a presentation remotely without the need of moving to another building or travel to another city, and can interact with the public in our presentation and answer your questions on the fly.

A videoconference and, therefore, a direct contact would be ideal but, unfortunately, not always possible due to scheduling problems. So what can we do? We commented that send the presentation file to email and wait for the receiver to read it and call us, perhaps, is to expect too much because there is a possibility that the look “in passing” or by skimming it slip the odd detail, for example, with a formal presentation not escape. facilitates making presentations in remote image 2

Halfway between the presentation send mail and videoconferencing can find , a service that allows video tape us and generate a virtual presentation where we combine our written material (slides) with our image on video performing presentation. The idea is quite interesting because, without too many complications, a webcam can record us doing the presentation, easily edit video and create a presentation that we send to our customers, share via LinkedIn or Facebook or circulate it to display from a mobile device.

The service has a free hand and a paying (more oriented companies and professionals) with different levels of service, and, in general, allow us to give a personal touch to share presentations with prospective customers or we hang in our website as a tutorial., in my opinion, has a lot of potential in the commercial sector or in education and, with the idea of being able to measure the impact of our actions, including a statistics section so we can track the number of users who accessed our presentations and the time they were watching them (information that can help us improve for future presentations).

And what can we serve such a service? In addition to business presentations (where available margin left pretty people), can be a useful tool within education (allowing teachers to record lectures and presentations for the students to follow them when like) or, for example, to make our own curriculum online in a fairly original.

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