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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Mobile |

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone

opens its closed beta and finally launches its iPhone application . that besides having a very clean, hides a powerful algorithm that brings new content as our interests and contacts. For over two weeks we were using it since its mobile version and analyze the design of the new application and its features, the screens, their strengths and what we miss.

One of the few reviews that I asked when I reviewed Prismatic was the lack of mobile applications for the best experience in a news reader that by definition often read better from tablets and other devices, and that could give a more comfortable and functional reading the browser. Prismatic People that post made obsolete because after launching a teaser , just announced this mobile version of the service.

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone image 2

The good

The interface is very clean and similar to the web, as you can see in the screenshots in the gallery. The design has been designed to maximize the touch gestures on the screen, a success without a doubt. Just open it, you go directly to see the latest posts from your timeline, composed of the algorithm used Prismatic based on your contacts, and as I said, is great and for me the great strength of Prismatic, because always right in recommend me articles.

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone image 3

You go directly to your news stream, which shows you the title, tags and the first lines of the post, very useful to know whether or not we want to continue reading. Playing the post we can go to the full version of the article (in Prismatic) with visualization of the app itself, which includes the tweets that have commented on the news, something that in my experience says that we used to call “the opinion of the street “and we should now call” what is said of the subject in social networks “, especially among our contacts. From there it can retweet, reply or make a bookmark some of those tweets.

Playing the title again we will redirect you to a page that shows the post as seen in the original URL.

Both from the list and within each, if we keep the finger on the post unfold the 3 buttons we know in the Web version of Prismatic: x, to indicate that the article does not interest us; +, to give like, and the third, to share the item via email, Twitter or Facebook, with the ability to edit the message.

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone image 4

From the homepage, sliding your finger left see a menu similar to that Prismatic shows on its website, where we have the following options:

  • A search engine that will show results both topics (Topics) and media names that are in Prismatic.
  • Your activity, a dropdown where we see three groups: the posts we’ve marked as favorites, and we shared that we read.
  • Home: the list of media feeds or blogs normally have in our home, so we can select one of them and see only your posts.
  • Global News: A list with a global trending topics.
  • Suggestions: Finally the recommendations in the form of keywords or topics or publications also offered Prismatic after analyzing the data we give to include our Twitter account, Facebook or GReader.

Since the iPhone’s suggestions you leverage your location and present publications and topics based on the place where you are. Do not need anything else and really looks great from the iPhone, its white background and design makes reading comfortable for what is a small screen.

Something that caught my attention is the fast that is searching, page loading. Everything moves a fluidity that makes reading on the iPhone is a really good experience. This, combined with the quality of the content Prismatic has shown me in these weeks when I’m using it make it one of the essential apps from and for me on the phone and I do recommend it strongly.

Prismatic, one of the best aggregators, now available for iPhone image 5

What we’d like to see

The Prismatic sharing scheme is basic but great because I think they have achieved a balance: do not let you isolate the Big 3 engines to distribute content between your contacts (email, Twitter and Facebook) but if you stay out of other services such as Instapaper or Delicious, which at some point could be competition for them. A I really like to see more integration with services like these, because I think that this would become the axis Prismatic and depend even more on the application, would be much more comfortable for me.

On the other hand, it happens that often encounter fairly comprehensive application of web services however lack options account settings from your mobile version, and leave only those functions that are accessible through the website. Why? If an app is really useful not need out of it and I would also be able to configure it from there. This is something I’ve never seen in Prismatic. It may not be as important as in other settings because our profile is reduced to add or remove 3 social networks because the topics and interest itself can be configured from the mobile app.

The translation of the app does not seem so priority but I’m throwing in to see feeds lack of content in Spanish, and not have them until I can not move because Prismatic definitely feel I’m missing something. He had already said in that review but I repeat it because I know people are listening Prismatic. Hopefully this post will also make obsolete soon.

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