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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Internet |

ProCon Latte, an extension for Firefox provide a content filter

ProCon Latte, an extension for Firefox provide a content filter

Many times when we speak of “filter content” we associate this expression to censorship, traffic restrictions applied by some operators that do not respect the neutrality of the network or directly to some companies ban access to certain services ( because it is considered that lower productivity ). However, in certain environments may become necessary to apply a filter to certain content that we believe should not be accessible, for example, for our children or our students and therefore have the need for a service that allows us to restrict selectively certain pages or content.

In this sense we find the level of ISP services (provided by an operator) software with some sort of proxy to install our operating system or, for example, using any browser extension (although only apply restrictions in the browser in which we install). If you use (and our children too), ProCon Latte is a great extension that allows us to apply a filtering of content to be visited through the Mozilla browser and therefore will keep our children or our students access to inappropriate content .

After installing the extension (and restarting Firefox), your browser will be provided with a filtering system based on blacklists (and whitelists) that we can customize to our liking because all you have to do is complete the listings for new entries ( adding words in the list that already exists). The extension handles both blacklists blacklisting of words like urls and a list of “white pages” to which access should be allowed in any case.

The configuration options, although at first glance may seem somewhat spartan, offer enough flexibility and, in fact, we can protect access to them with a password (to prevent someone can modify). Among the things that we can find to fix printing a warning message when trying to access a blocked site, redirect the user to a specific website, subscribing to lists of “blacklists” that are updated periodically or when we want to adjust the terms and pages to be filtered.

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While such extensions should not replace the care of our children while surfing the net, that is, we are awaiting the pages they visit, yes it is true that we can lend a hand to prevent access to content little or not advisable.

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