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Posted by on Aug 9, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mac OS X |

Productivity applications for your Mac

Productivity applications for your Mac

Yesterday we published a list of some productivity applications for your iPhone . Besides the famous Apple device users also have the experience to complement your Mac Productivity is an issue that we love, but sometimes, due to the popularity of Windows PCs, we are dedicated exclusively to this type of software. Today we’ll recommend a few excellent productivity applications on Mac.


Evernote has changed the way we take notes on a computer. There are many ways to harness that with every update you have discovered something new. We can save text, images, URLs, and more, share notes with links to public and other users, attach PDF, and more. It is best that we can install it on different computers and mobile devices to take along with our notebook and keep out any ideas. The platform use is one of the best ways to use it.

iA Writer

When it comes to word processors, Mac has an overwhelming number of options to download. While the most common option is MS Office for Mac, you can also opt for minimalist editor iA Writer , which allows us, among other things, using mark down to format text without using the mouse, focus mode and focus for writing in a sentence at the same time, and a differential typography. With the upgrade to OS X Mountain Lion, also allows synchronization with icloud to access your files easily from other Apple devices (ideal considering that is also available for iPhone).


Only mention one of the applications created by Apple for OS X. These Numbers , something like the equivalent Maquera to Excel, which allows us to use spreadsheets, pre-programmed templates for different uses, formulas, and more. If you have a Mac, is one of the tools that we can not use, or at least try to use numbers, quote generation, and more.


One of the most comfortable I will notice if we are switchers from Windows to Mac is the native ability to take screenshots differences are automatically saved in a format light. Snapseed takes it a step further since it is an image editing suite that allows us to apply filters, add borders, and sharing through social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Within the category of productivity can also find other simple image editors to use. And not necessarily have to use to edit screenshots, we can give a different touch to all our photographs.


This is one of the most interesting of productivity suites that we can find completely free for Mac, Alfred (as Batman’s butler) has a number of features that lead to end some of the native Mac options. With Application Launcher can use shortcuts to run applications easily, and over time will differentiate of all the applications you use most frequently. It also has a powerful search tool, spell checkers, built-in calculator, and access to system commands so fast to make tedious tasks such as emptying the trash.


On Mac you can use email clients very efficient as Sparrow , recently acquired by Google. But to have other options, we can choose the free MailTab , allowing us to access our Gmail box without going to the browser. Install an icon in the top bar of the Mac where you can access the box when we win. Additionally, you can easily set from the preferences to determine which type of notice we receive.


Another ideal productivity tool for switchers. With CheatSheet can quickly get used to what are the keyboard shortcuts for the more important on a Mac. To access the full list on your computer, you have to press the Command key. With the passage of time, of course, we’ll get used to these shortcuts to avoid having to use more. More than a productivity tool, it’s almost like teaching a learning tool.

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