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Posted by on Sep 24, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps

Many writers who self-publish on the Internet would look like a big obstacle the technical question: who designed my ebook, who handles the upload to the Internet, which platform and how it distributed? Indeed, the Internet is different and there are many ways to publish, many services and shops (some very large as Amazon or iBookstore). As if that were not enough, you have to know a little about design, formats and devices before boarding our ebook platform to choose.

In solving the lives of these people must have been thinking when people threw Byeink Cream eBooks , a service for the creation and distribution of ebooks. What I was very pleasantly surprised when using Cream is its extreme simplicity and ability to be used in a very intuitive left entirely in the hands of the authors works management without complicating their lives with codes, formats and designs .

According to its founders in an interview with the author has eBooks Cream:

TOTAL CONTROL, the user decides the selling price, if you promote a few chapters for free, if it sells on its website with Paypal or Amazon carries it, if you distribute in your fanpage with our app uses Facebook or social payments promote your personal brand. His book is in the cloud, you can correct errors or make updates, generate again a epub or mobi and republish. From the beach, the office or over lunch with JK Rowling.

The service allows you to create from scratch (having written it, of course) an ebook in 4 steps, after which we are ready to distribute it as they see fit, even with the option of charging through Paypal 100% of the revenues of our book, they say, because the option is not available for now.

At present they are in closed beta and need to request invitation to open an account , which can be done from the same site byeink. Upon checking in, ask for an email, username, our Paypal and the currency with which we work.

Just enter the dashboard have two modules: one with our own data and the second to those of our publications. To get there we will see the possibility of creating a new ebook or manage or see we already have created. The system will also include statistics shortly.

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps image 2

If we decide to create a new ebook, we have to fill some basic facts from the book:

  • Title
  • Language
  • ISBN (if available)
  • Series Name
  • The option of putting a small introductory text such work
  • Author
  • Editor
  • Duty
  • and more optional space to add other collaborators as editor, translator, designer cover, etc.

Important: it is better to raise the cover image at this point because if it goes after the text, at the end of the book, which will be reviewed in Cream eBooks.

We can go up there an image for the cover (not to be less than 600px and no more than 2 MB) and the system will automatically make a vertical format.

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps image 3

In this part there is a section called Marketing that is disabled for now. Probably shortly from there we can set the parameters of price and payment system if we decide to sell our book. Currently the system allows for free distribution.

Turning to the second tab comes time to put the entire text of our ebook and set chapters. As we copying and pasting the text into the editor, we can be creating chapters and also give styles: headers, bold, italic, underline, strikethrough, paragraphs, capital, quotes, bulleted and numbered lists, links, font color, highlighted and page break. You can also insert images in a very simple, manually scaling its size within the same editor.

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps image 4

Once we’re done with the text, we can arrange for the publication. Currently two options are the ebook format: ePub (probably the most widespread and supported by most e-readers) or mobi (Amazon format). With one click you can create in which we want, or both and then check or send a preview, which at the time I tried it was not available but you will be notified later.

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps image 5

From there we just distribution: eBooks Cream gives himself a link will open the page where our ebook, with its cover, data and the introduction of the book that we post. The same link can be distributed in four ways from this site:

  • QR: with the ability to generate a QR code for embedding on our website with a code or save image
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+

Publish eBooks Cream Book online in 4 steps image 6

In the beta Byeink writers are self-published, and publishing services that have already signed agreements with them. Your website has a tiny catalog yet already has titles like L’homme, the great Cuff ($ 5.99 in iBookstore) and the inevitable Cluetrain Manifesto . If looking to publish quickly with professional results and excellent design, and distribute your work for free, they should not have to try Cream eBooks.

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