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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Curiosities |

QII, portable keyboard that rolls like paper

QII, portable keyboard that rolls like paper

This may well be one of the great inventions of recent times or come to nothing. How many times we go to a crowdfunding site, in this case IndieGoGo to find a project that requires a large sum to finance their prototypes but which look very nice. We speak of QII, very portable keyboard that rolls like paper.

The QII solves a big problem we have today. With the launch of the tablets are many who have tried to visualize how we might enter text more efficiently. Apple does using an onscreen keyboard, Microsoft believes that a physical keyboard is better for Surface and amid the QII find a physical keyboard but no physical keys.

It’s a keyboard that works in transparent and flexible, allowing it to wind and the size is that of a keychain. But once we have unwound fully functional QWERTY keyboard with number pad and function keys. Also, if we only want the letters to be appropriate to unroll and connects via Bluetooth.

The team behind this keyboard has spent many years developing a technique to print programmable touch sensors on a new carbon-based nanomaterial that can conduct electricity. As a result we obtain a transparent film that is programmed to detect the strength and position of the finger that touches it. An added bonus is that this type of keyboard is very resistant to shocks. He can hit with a hammer and even throwing up liquids without spoiling.

One goal is that once released the keyboard technology could be adapted to other uses. So we could have from a piano keyboard in the same format roll or make electronic components were printed in other materials, such as paper.

Unfortunately those responsible QII are looking for funding and less than 30 days to finish the term have raised $ 9,000 of its goal of $ 1,850,000, which does not seem too good sign. We’ll see if they get their goal since the technology seems promising.

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