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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Science |

Quantum Graphity: rewriting the theory of the Big Bang

Quantum Graphity: rewriting the theory of the Big Bang

What if the history of the universe could be explained through the freezing water and not by a huge explosion as the theory indicates ? Under this premise, a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne and RMIT University theorize about the best way to illustrate the origin and nature of the universe.

What scientists suggest is that water and ice solidification process and illustrates the freeze provides more reliable tries to explain what the Big Bang. According to them, the study of cracks and crevices common as ice crystals could provide a new form of understanding the universe and its origins.

These cracks can be perceived according to a recent study published in the United States, “cracks” in the universe that would support the theory called “Quantum Graphity”, considered the holy grail of physics.

James Quach, a theoretical physicists behind the proposal, the study explains:

Think of the early universe like a liquid. Then, as the universe cools, it crystallizes. The reason we use the analogy of water is because water has no form. At first there was not even space, and space did not exist because there was no way.

Ancient Greek philosophers wondered what he was made the subject: a substance composed of atoms continuously or individual? With very powerful microscopes now know that matter is made of atoms. Thousands of years later, Albert Einstein assumed that space and time were continuous and flowing smoothly, but we now believe that this assumption may not be valid at very small scales.

Quantum Graphity: rewriting the theory of the Big Bang image 2

The scientists’ research is supported by a school of thought that has recently emerged to suggest that the space is made of indivisible blocks, such as atoms, which can be considered as pixels forming images on a computer screen. Quach explains:

The new theory known as Quantum Graphity suggests that space can be formed by basic components indivisible as tiny atoms. These blocks can be considered indivisible similar to the pixels forming an image on a screen. The challenge has been that these building blocks are very small space, and therefore impossible to see directly.

One theory why Quach and his colleagues suggest that the model of the origin of the universe, the Big Bang, you need to be rewritten:

The biggest problem is the Big Bang explosion itself. In the explosion, physics breaks. The model can not make predictions of what happens in the Big Bang.

Quantum Graphity: rewriting the theory of the Big Bang image 3

Now that the new theory has foundations, researchers hope that some of its effects may be visible. There is talk of light particles:

These and other would bend and reflect on end, and only then, in theory it should be possible to detect them.

Now pass to experimentally verify some of these effects. From their predictions verified, could lead to the question of whether space is flat or built from small indivisible particles.

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