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Posted by on Nov 10, 2012 in News |

Qugo: a hybrid tricycle and Segway

Qugo: a hybrid tricycle and Segway

From Holland, the country of bicycles, we get the Qugo, a vehicle that looks like the son of a tricycle and a Segway. Works with a front wheel drive and is quite fast and manageable.

The Qugo born in Holland by Silvestris, a Dutch company. Holland is a country where people are more aware of using other types of transport other than the car. His nonexistent slopes make it an ideal country for travel by bicycle. But what if we want to reduce that bike to a minimum? We would see that we have almost no room for the pedals and that its stability is compromised. So we add a platform, a battery and a pair of wheels that support us and we would have to Qugo.

The Qugo has high autonomy and speed. Thanks to its electric motor provides a maximum speed of 25km / h with a range of 25 kilometers. Its battery can be charged in about 3 or 4 hours, so it would be ideal to go to work and that upon arrival we charge and we have it ready for when we come back. It weighs 25kg in the standard model (without extras) and is designed for short journeys where the car would normally use.

Its stability is not maintained with any sensor or electric motor as it does the Segway and its management uses body movement, thus gives more freedom to the user and their safety is not compromised. Qugo seems really fast vehicle and manageable and should verify that such laptop is to charge when we are not using. Its creators say that skiing is like driving on asphalt since management can rotate zigzag as we would with skis. And to control it have brakes on the handlebars and also in most countries do not require helmet use it.

The Qugo currently only be bought in a few dealers at a price to be determined. In the video below you can see it in action.

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