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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Entertainment, Mobile |

Quick Launch for Android becomes intelligent our lock screen

Quick Launch for Android becomes intelligent our lock screen

I’ve been using a few years, and the truth is, I can not complain with the evolution that has taken Google’s operating system, something that match users and press. Google has listened and has solution to problems such as the Android saying that they were just a group of separate applications together in a system in which each component is used differently: Today and since Ice Cream Sandwich all these applications are unified and that trend has spread to new development tools that make anyone to create applications that use elements of the system such as the action bar or Action Bar.

Jelly Bean, if possible, take a step further this integration between applications and also adds an extra touch to the overall system performance, with applications to respond as soon as we touch the screen.

Android has also experimented with the lock screen, to which were added some features like unlocked by our own image, captured by the camera. It displays data such as the time, date, battery status or even a personalized note that we can customize. However, not shown by default or fast application access includes support for widgets, one of the most used features in Android desktops. Quick Launch change that, offering an alternative to the default lock screen.

Currently the Android has only three options: Launch the camera application, launch Google Now, Google’s new assistant trying to compete with Siri, and unlock the screen. It is without doubt two of the two tools that we need more unexpectedly, but depending on our personal needs may want to launch other apps or access recent calls. allows us to do that by adding the option not only access but showing recent calls incoming or outgoing calls. Making a call to one of those numbers is as easy as sliding your fingers on the correct option.

Why the name Quick Launch, Quick Launch? Not only because we can access the call, as I told you, but because the most used, the release is complemented by a submenu that allows us to unlock directly to the application you want to use, and we will list the most used Gmail, contacts, Facebook. All complemented with the search bar, from which you can access any element of the system, regardless of whether or not an application.

But undoubtedly the most functionality, and one of the things I liked about this Quick Launch, is the ability to access the notifications as they do iOS users: They are displayed on the lock screen when are present, teaching by example the missed calls we missed when we were not available or received text messages.

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