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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Quick tips for Android Jelly Bean

Quick tips for Android Jelly Bean

In the world of mobile operating systems, the crown is disputed between iOS, belonging to Apple mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad, and Android, Google’s open pseudo system that has taken by assault the world of smartphones up sneak into the top of use. A few months ago, Randal did a full review of the most important functions of the latest version of Android, 4.1, also called Jelly Bean, but for now we will focus on something more basic: some tricks to handle our smartphone faster to through the operating system.

Jelly Bean, the successor of Ice Cream Sandwich, an update that users appreciated enough, many bugs resolved since the previous update, Gingerbread, not perfect but has some interesting details to consider and some features that distinguish it from its competitors. With best in several different ways, the Ice Cream Sandwich user will not be surprised, since the interface has minimal modification, but notice the difference in performance issues. What can we do to really leverage our team Jelly Bean?

1. Now

One of the most welcome additions is Google Now, an application that allows us to see things that are important to us at this very moment: weather, traffic, timetable, flights, public transport, and more. The fastest way to launch Google Now for users who are just starting in Jelly Bean is pressing for a few seconds the Home button until you see the Google logo. Dragging your finger up, Google Now we can access without problems.

2. Face Unlock

While Ice Cream Sandwich brought up his sleeve facial recognition, power Jelly Bean with Facial unlock through flashing. Although functionality is somewhat uncertain, making Face Unlock the flicker is check with our waking-or alive, why not, and also fixes problems that originally had facial recognition Ice Cream Sandwich. When flashing, no one can use a picture of us to unlock the phone. This functionality can be accessed from the Settings panel.

3. Screenshot

Make screenshots in Jelly Bean is very simple, even simpler than in previous versions of Android because it comes as a native option. Pressing Volume Down keys on the side of the team and the Power button, a screenshot will be displayed in the notification center very complete (this is also a very interesting novelty Jelly Bean) and then we can access it without too many complications to edit, crop and share via social networks and instant messengers.

4. Remove applications

Another important improvement is Jelly Bean functionality to delete applications. While in previous software versions needed to press on an icon to delete it as widget, now we just have to drag it up to remove it.

5. Swype on screen

One trick that is repeated from earlier versions, but it never hurts to remember: when we are in our contact page or call log, Swype can do right to automatically call, and to the left to send a text message . This is much faster than having to press several options to start calling, and of course to send an SMS. It is much faster, but it is a feature that is used too. We must befriend the Swype to leverage our time.

You are welcome to share your own quick tricks in the comments.

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