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Posted by on Oct 22, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Mobile |

Quick to install applications securely on Android

Quick to install applications securely on Android

On several occasions we have spoken about the best ways to keep your smartphone or tablet safe . With each passing day more and more people are buying smartphones, but with the convenience of being able to access the internet from anywhere also come risks: imagine that we are carrying a small computer in your pocket. So we have to have a number of precautions to be always safe.

We’ve put together a quick guide to some simple tips that you can follow to have the phone in perfect condition, others outside threats. As always, they are more than welcome to leave your own suggestions in the comments with tips.

  • The same phone should have in your configuration (either Applications or Security, depending on the version you have) an option called “Unknown sources”. What it does is prevent applications that are not downloaded directly from Google Play can be installed. In this case, the option must be downloaded (in Ice Cream Sandwich). Depending on the version this may change, so you have to look.
  • Other users who have tested the application can tell us whether or not risky. It is therefore very important to review the comments that have been left in the app before downloading and installing.
  • Inside Google Play can also checkear the type of permissions that may require the application to see if we are voluntarily giving permission to a malicious application. Usually, these applications want access to more permissions than they need.
  • Also within Google Play have the option to review the developer information, see what others have created applications for Android, and also review their comments. If you found some suspicious apps, then you do not have to download the wanted at first. We can also take a moment to look through a quick search on Google, there is information on the application and the developer on the Internet.
  • Do not install applications from sources other than the official is a risk. If we can do it-the adventurers after all, the phone is ours, but we must realize the danger that can lead.
  • Look at the Activity Monitor your phone to see what apps are running in the background. Why are they doing? Do you gave permission, we put us? Always keep tight control on the activities you are doing our mobile without our knowledge.
  • While all of these precautions will keep us safe, we can also use an additional application to stay quiet either. There are several applications available on Google Play to monitor what is happening in our smartphone, we can choose what we like to keep you informed and stop any process that is harmful for the team.
  • Finally, the first thing we have to use to keep our smart phone insurance is our own intelligence. Let criterion when installing applications, if we geeks know what we have to trust. At the moment any doubt arises, trust our suspicions and we install the application.
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