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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Quick ways to create and publish ebooks

Quick ways to create and publish ebooks

Authoring is no easy task. We not only have to deal with publishers, but also with criticism from the press and readers, as with any artistic discipline. However, not all have the same opportunity to disseminate their work. Thanks to the Internet, many independent authors are able to publicize their titles without having to work with publishers to publish them. Moreover, with the wonder of ebooks, we can read from anywhere in the world. These authors also may obtain remuneration for their works through different platforms, a few weeks ago we told you about PayHip , but there are other options.

In a list of tips for independent authors also published a while ago, I talked about the importance of learning and all technical aspects of an ebook. If well designed and is available in multiple formats, we will have more opportunities to spread: there are many readers who read a variety of extensions, and we want to reach as many people as possible. Luckily, there are many platforms and programs that we can use to create and publish an ebook, some of which we will review in the post today.

  • Use Word and Calibre : Then run with a minimal level of complexity for those who are not too well versed in technology. Microsoft Word is the word processor of choice for many of the world’s computers-Windows operating system remains the majority and there Word for Mac, and it may also be the main tool for a writer. This program can be used not only to write but also to design the ebook. Once we all finished (in PC World have a tutorial on how to create titles, index and many issues related to the design must have an ebook that is in English but I recommend it) we have to convert the format we have, it can be. doc,. PDF or. html, to a format compatible with ebook readers. For this, we recommend Calibre.
  • Scrivener: This word processor helps us make a practical division of chapters in a book, and can also be saved in various formats. If you want more options, again we can use to convert.
  • Use KDP : offers a very simple to use service called Kindle Direct Publishing, which is the most convenient because it also allows us to obtain a 70 percent gain from the sale of the book and it’s free to use. Other platforms We guarantee a higher percentage but they have the same number of consumers who have Amazon.

Pages on Mac with Mac Pages have the ability to directly save a workbook in the EPUB format. While the Kindle does not read this format, it is read by the application eg Books of the Apple devices, which are becoming a very viable alternative for readers fans.

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