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Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Quickfilter UNREPLIED: putting the focus on the messages to be answered

Quickfilter UNREPLIED: putting the focus on the messages to be answered

The email has a duality that surely more than one of us out occasionally mad: on one side is an important communication tool both personally and professionally (although there are more friendly tools and networks corporate social ) and, in contrast, can be a tool to undermine our productivity if we do not manage it properly and even lead to frustration if our inbox is full and we are not able to distinguish the important from what is not is both.

Our working hours should not revolve around to not lose focus on the tasks that must be accomplished, in fact, it is advisable to set intervals (spaced enough in time) to review the dreaded inbox and process messages we have (things we can respond quickly, posts involving a task that we set, matters not depend on us, etc.).

There is a big difference between reading a message and undertake the associated task (send a document to answer a simple “yes”, etc), in fact, all we ever tried to read a message from your smartphone and think “okay, when you get to the office I answer “but to get to the office, to be marked as read the message we put other tasks or we have given priority to messages that had not been read. If you use as our email manager, we can assign labels (which are associated colors) to categorize our posts (urgent “to do later”, “personal issues”, etc.) but, in the case that we do not use need to resort to other means to locate, for example, what messages are waiting for a response.

Thunderbird handles messages that have responded (they add a distinctive icon like so does with whom we have forwarded), however, unless the distinguish with the naked eye, there is a quick way to locate them. To solve this problem, the extension Quickfilter UNREPLIED we can help locate the messages, despite having been read, have not yet been answered, so despejándonos Inbox (or folder you are analyzing) and helping to locate posts and tasks that we have forgotten.

After installing this extension, which certainly does not require restart Thunderbird, a new filter is added quickly we will show only the messages that have not been answered, quickly locating them within the folder you’re viewing. Although it may seem very simple functionality, really, we can help a lot if our inbox is too full and we need to find what is important.

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