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Posted by on Sep 8, 2012 in Uncategorized |

quickFilters, an interesting assistant to organize our messages in Thunderbird

quickFilters, an interesting assistant to organize our messages in Thunderbird

can be an important business tool and, while it can also be a source of headaches and frustration when the inbox is full of messages and there comes a time when we can not find anything. While services like Gmail or desktop clients like we offer powerful message search tools, classification criteria set on folders (or labels in the case of Gmail) is critical to keep the messages sorted under the same criteria and locate more fast emails.

A good way to sort the emails (and prevent overflow of the input tray) is to use that we classify as the receiving and store them in their respective folders (for review) or, after reading, applying Automatic classification criteria. Thunderbird includes the function to set filters to sort the mail and, frankly, it’s worth using it because it can help save a lot of time and be more productive, but if we want to further automate the process we can use the extension quickFilters with which automatically create filters.

Automatically create filters?? Yes, thanks to this extension can automate (and make only occasional adjustment) creating filters since analyze the message that we indicate to search criteria that meet the classification assigned to, ie, rules that fit the folder in which the message is stored. Therefore, with this extension can automatically create filters based on our own classification criteria will be used as the messages we have been sorting out common patterns and to save some work.

If you’re using Thunderbird, you work on multiple projects or handle mail from multiple vendors, using classification rules that will help your inbox is not “a fearsome enemy” and thanks to quickFilters, the work of setting the filters can be much simpler.

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