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Posted by on Sep 25, 2012 in Uncategorized | 1 comment

Quote Colors, an extension to facilitate the reading of talks in Thunderbird

Quote Colors, an extension to facilitate the reading of talks in Thunderbird

Email is, for many professionals, a fundamental tool of communication with suppliers, customers or partners of a team, a tool that documents exchanged, discussed with our colleagues and reported on the progress of a project to our client . All, surely, we will have spent some time, after exchanging several emails following the same conversation thread, reading has become somewhat complicated and we are not easy to follow the message and replied to the naked eye.

While it is true that, as a rule, mail clients often insert a tab to the original messages to differentiate them from the answers to some eyes is something that can go unnoticed and therefore, we can spend more time account in reviewing our messages. With the idea to gain some speed in processing our inbox and, incidentally, better locate, for example, what is the response text within a conversation thread, in the case of using can use the extension Quote Colors .

And what is it for this add-ons? Although the sole historic conversation represented within a colored vertical line with the tabbed text, not always a detail that meets the eye and, in fact, may increase the complexity of compression of mail if a match on the conversation and others below (in Thunderbird is somewhat configurable). With the idea of clarifying, Quote Colors allows you to apply a simple color coding to dye the different responses of the same conversation thread.

The goal is Coloring Colors Quote characters that are part of the message body, add a background color and color vertical bar also serves to tabulate the message so that, at first glance, we can see the different sections (or messages) who has had that conversation and can follow it comfortably without having to walk counting how many symbols ‘>’ appears before the paragraph. In the case of using plain text messages, the colors are still using but the only difference is that, in addition to the colors, also see the symbols ‘>’ record (to differentiate the texts).

It may be no more technological extensions that we find in Thunderbird but, in my point of view, we can help process the messages faster (at a glance), locate the latest news and, in case of a need for consultation historical, clearly distinguish who owns each contribution written.

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