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Posted by on Dec 22, 2012 in Video Games |

Racer Pyongyang, the first game of North Korea

Racer Pyongyang, the first game of North Korea

North Korea. That country seems stuck in the last century, where it comes from and where the hermetic information on everything that happens there is extreme. No one thinks a country where technology speaks except to indicate that the lack of progress and modernity of it. Today, however, we speak of as they have starred in a positive and remarkable in its recent history. They released their first game, called Pyongyang Racer.

Pyongyang Racer is, as the name suggests a racing game. Well, actually call it “play” and “race” would say too. The races are non-existent, as you run alone without any countdown or checkpoints. And the game remains large because there is no competition possible. But first it is.

In the game you drive a car, like a Mercedes, for a very wide avenues and totally deserted. It is a closed loop in which your fuel is spent running, so you have to pick up the filled barrels. In addition you must also get some chips that give you information sites in the city. All this while dodging cars and listening to music can make your hair stand on end.

In fact there are not many cars to dodge and rarely leaving. No because if Pyongyang Racer gives no more or if this is a reference to the deserted avenues that exist in real life. The section of music deserves a separate chapter because it is repetitive, tiresome and play better without it. Finally the game gives us the option to sound the horn, which only causes noise and no advantage.

Pyongyang Racer game has bad graphics PS1, can be used in any browser and the game has been developed by a company called North Korean NOSOTEK , who on his website describes as the only company in Pyongyang with western working conditions and access to internet . It was developed to Koryo, North Korean travel agency to teach some of the sights of Pyongyang.

Hopefully in the future more and better games out of North Korea. If someone wants to be able to do a little game here you have it (the site is down at times so you have to keep trying)

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