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Posted by on Nov 9, 2012 in Internet |

Rapid and complete maintenance of your Internet browser

Rapid and complete maintenance of your Internet browser

Some time ago and now a reality, Google announced the launch of Chrome OS, an operating system assembled from an Internet browser , and aimed to consume all types of content across the web. It was not something new, although giving a central role to the Net. Today we can do everything, or almost everything, from the browser: Write documents, perform programming tasks, consume video, audio, communicate … Many more things than we would have imagined when we connect to the Internet first.

And all these things are leaving residues and possible security holes in our computer. Waste because obviously the information is downloaded, and depending on the browser we use and the information in question, it will remain more, less, or an indefinite time in the same. We may encounter the problem of having GB and GB of temporary data that really are not necessary but are taking up valuable disk space. Security holes because sensitive data is often available locally. If your computer is infected with some malware, we may be in danger.

So from time to time is suitable to maintain browser: Delete cookies, temporary files, history, data pages, saved passwords do not want to store more … There are a wide variety of applications that help us with this, and indeed the own include options in this regard, but recently discovered Repair Tool Browser and I have to say I’m pretty happy with the results it offers.

Initially focused on Internet Explorer but with a new version with support for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, this is a tool that performs terrain over 20 different actions on the browser, among which include:

  • Restoring security options
  • Deleting temporary files and search history
  • Deleting cookies
  • Blocking pop-ups or pop-ups
  • Associations Repair
  • Turning Internet Options

The operation is really easy. Simply select the desired options through ticks comfortable, later click on the Fix button and perform the task list at one time. As I said, for now we can only apply for Internet Explorer. This is a quick and easy way to perform basic on the browser.

As I said in complete analysis I conducted, TuneUp Utilities 2013 is not the typical suite that may become too large to perform tasks that should be simple, like the one in question. Your 1-Click mode allows us to perform a complete maintenance of the browser, and it does so simultaneously with all we have, and with a single click, as the name says so. Still, the program of which I speak today can be a quick fix and an alternative for those who do not wish reluctant to install a suite, and choose best for a totally portable and weighs less than 1 MB.

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