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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Internet, Technology |

Razer Synapse: mice that require Internet access to run

Razer Synapse: mice that require Internet access to run

Today we wonder about the cloud and cloud computing , in fact, over the years we have become accustomed to using Google services to synchronize your calendar or contacts, use Dropbox to sync files or use the service Sync Firefox or Chrome to keep passwords and bookmarks on all our equipment. Following this path where everything is synchronized in the cloud, not surprising to see the market in devices that use these services to improve the user experience but sometimes hindering finish this improvement more than anything else. A strange case has denounced a user who purchased a $80 mouse manufacturer Razer that in order to use it, requires prior registration in a web service .

Razer Synapse is a service that allows users to save their settings in the cloud on keyboards and mice with the idea of carrying these settings to other computers using devices of this manufacturer (and offer some comfort to gamers). The problem of this person? After buying a mouse Naga 2012 realized it was not as simple as plug in and get to work because the required configuration to install software, create a user account and validated prior to be put to use the mouse.

So far someone might think there is something strange and, indeed, many devices that require registration or prior activation but, in this case, we are talking about a that is the most common peripheral. To complicate matters further, the high service was out of order and therefore could not be registered user and to activate (thus exposing his case ended in a forum on the net and generating a curious debate).

Activate a mouse in a web service before use? Personally, I do not find much point to this, though the record is in his “transfer” of the configurations between compatible devices thanks to the cloud. While the intention may be good (user comfort), the implementation is not practical because in order to use the device need to be connected to the Internet (and it is a fact that is not always possible). While the control software has an online mode and offline mode, the implementation is mandatory online (and no option to “do it later”).

Around this event has generated an interesting debate on DRM in and although the manufacturer denies that this is a case of DRM (because it is not necessary to use the software and synchronization), think so that there is some orientation record (although the basic purpose of a mouse really not needed). Speaking of DRM here may be somewhat exaggerated but it is also a record exaggerated able to use something as basic as a mouse (else are the cloud services that, logically, it is more than obvious that require registration).

Personally, I think a poor implementation of cloud services, what about you? What do you think of this case?

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