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Posted by on Dec 26, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Reading comics from smartphones

Reading comics from smartphones

The digital age allows us to transfer much of the media we consume in our “real life” to the screen. First, the mass media, like television, radio, and newspapers. Second, e-books, which are also one of our favorite topics. And finally, cartoons, and graphic novels. We have many ways to do this, such as from the computer screen , uncomfortable and not too similar to the original platform, or from the iPad, which is one of the best readers of comics glorified invented. We have already told you about what are the best apps for reading comics from the iPad . But let’s not forget the smartphones.

One disadvantage that we can have if we ventured down our comics to our Smartphone is the quality and size. The iPad does not have too much trouble because we have a sizable screen, and the same goes for the tablets. However, smartphones have a considerably smaller screen and therefore we have to find a technology that works in our favor. Some applications have a feature to review the comic frame by frame, to have more comfort when reading, but when you download from sources, let’s admit it illegal, as The Pirate Bay and other torrent, the file will not have this capability . It’s something to consider when you start reading.

Here we review some of the best applications to read comics on Android and iOS. Unfortunately we will leave out because BlackBerry is supported comics to read easily. We investigated whether there are applications available, as always, if you can use them leave them in the comments. In these two operating systems are going to find a wide range of applications, some interesting shops, and more.

  • Comic Zeal : iOS, Comic Zeal is one of the most obvious choices. It is a paid app, so we’ll have to make an investment, but it’s worth a hundred percent. It has a very interesting interface, to organize our titles in different collections, and labels in order to increase our organizational capabilities. It supports formats CBR, CBZ-depending on the type of compression that has the original file-, RAR, ZIP and PDF.
  • ComiXology : this is one of the largest online stores, and has more advantages than disadvantages. On one hand, we can buy the latest titles of major publishers, but also independents. But on the other hand, can only read when we have an internet connection and can not share them due to DRM. Beyond this impediment, technology has frame by frame to take advantage of the smartphone screen.
  • Sidebooks : with a good performance in terms of organization and file transfer, application Sidebooks is completely dedicated to the comics can also be installed on the iPad. It has many customization options, for example, to read manga, and also has interesting animations page. It’s completely free, something rarely seen in the App Store. And also supports a variety of formats such as PDF, ZIP, RAR, and the classical CBR and CBZ.
  • CloudReaders : grautitas other applications available for the iPhone, and can also be used on the iPad. Not the best, but is ideal for those looking for something more simplistic. With a minimalist interface that does not offer too many functions, without animations page CloudReaders is for those who do not want to complicate too. It also supports PDF, ZIP, RAR and CBR and CBZ.
  • Stanza : Stanza used to be one of the best applications for reading not only comic but also ebooks on an iPhone. Although not too many updates, and has no support for the Retina display-something we’ll have to worry about the future-is still a good option and is also completely free. As for formats, is somewhat limited, with nothing to support CBR and CBZ, which, actually, are the most popular extensions.
  • A Comic Viewer : we get fully into the Android world. A Comic Viewer is an application with a nice interface, optimized for larger screens, which can extract the comics from the memory card. If we can opt for the free version, which is advertising. You can get a little annoying. The touch screen can be leveraged to zoom, which in this case is necessary.
  • JjComics : Another prominent application is jjComics better. We actually offers nothing new but is one of the best free options – but has an option we annoyed quite often asks for donations. Supports most popular formats, so you will not have problems with that.
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