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Posted by on Aug 23, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Recommendations for setting up a functional mobile office

Recommendations for setting up a functional mobile office

As a freelancer web developer, blogger besides – I have the ability to work from any location, set my own hours and freedom to decide to devote every day project. I usually work from home, but often I have the need to move to meet with clients or offices of companies that hire my services. At other times, I just feel the need of a change of scenery to get some inspiration and tranquility elsewhere.

Although many do not believe it is possible to work away from the office (or home). Unfortunately not everyone can afford it, but for those who can not, or at least encourage them to try, the following recommendations are to set up a functional and efficient office.

  • The first thing you need is a laptop. It’s totally obvious, but it is better to be clear. A laptop is easy to carry and allow us to move easily from one place to another, besides being our operations no matter where we are.
  • Mobile Internet access is the second item in the list. Today many stores offer free Internet access via Wi-Fi, however, is not always a guarantee and you better be prepared and always carry with us a device that allows us to connect through the cellular network with either a USB modem or Internet sharing from your mobile phone. Most modern phones have an option that allows us to use them as hotspots, something very useful and essential to ensure that we will be connected at all times necessary.
  • Nor can we forget to take our smartphone or tablet, as well as help with access to Internet when there is a Wi-Fi available, will allow us to get some work done as we head to our destination (assuming we’re not driving). We can also use this time to organize our list, answer some emails or just listening to music.
  • The next thing you can not miss are our favorite headsets or headphones. First, let us listen to music while working or we move. Second, because they help to block ambient noise that would get us to concentrate and third, because they are necessary if we are to take a call on Skype and do not want to disturb those around.
  • Before carrying out we must ensure all cables, adapters and chargers needed. I refer not only to the computer charger and phone, which obviously are necessary to avoid the risk of running out of battery in the middle of the day. Should lead us to consider an extension cord in case you did not get an outlet near the point we choose to work, and at least one adapter for multiple takes, if you find it is not enough.
  • None of this will be easy to carry if you do not have a comfortable backpack or purse, allowing us to move freely, to balance the weight well in back-to prevent muscle aches-and then also keep all components safe and protected from any blow, or rain if they surprise us as we go down the street.

Finally, in addition to all the equipment, it is also necessary to have cloud services as:

  • Google Docs , Google Drive-to keep our documents are always at hand.
  • Evernote to take notes quickly and easily synchronize them between devices.
  • Astrid or Wunderlist , to create and manage our to-do lists and set reminders.
  • Dropbox , allowing us to bring our important files and use them everywhere, even without Internet access, automatically synchronizing the next time we have access.

Most importantly, beyond all this, is knowing organize and manage our time well balancing workloads. Maybe not this the perfect guide for you, but you can from this point to find many different ways to enjoy what you do , because work does not have to be boring.

Photo (CC): mikecogh

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