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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Curiosities, Photography |

Record a timelapse, stolen camera to record and retrieve it and get

Record a timelapse, stolen camera to record and retrieve it and get

Today we bring you a story of those matches where many think we could do wrong. But it all really happened and it’s no publicity stunt to sell anything.

It turns out that the protagonist of our story, Alessandro Della Bella , it was a day to take pictures to heaven. He is in Zurich, Switzerland, in the mountains so light pollution is almost nonexistent and that allowed him to make good of the Perseid shower.

Taking advantage of the place was pretty remote, Alessandro scheduled its three cameras in different places and went to a birthday party. Thinking that in the vastness of the mountain and chance that someone would see any cameras, the left there confident. His surprise was on arrival one house was gone, but that when reviewing the photos of the other two remaining saw as car lights appeared the thief. This allowed him to determine that the thief was 37 minutes until he left with the other chamber.

The information did not help the police too, but the fact that the thief, once the camera had already attracted enough attention that night and some people called police, who arrested the suspect. Most surprising of all is that the thief must have thought that the camera was turned off as this Siguo taking pictures in the marked range, making the return trip the thief was caught on camera.

Alessandro has used all this to make a nice timelapse that we leave then. As he himself has

The thief climbed the mountain to see the stars but could not resist the temptation to take something that was not theirs. I must admit I take this opportunity was neglected and partly my fault. Yet this incident served to make this fun so enjoy timelapse

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