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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Science, Software |

Recreating 14 billion years of cosmic evolution

What we see on the pictures is a computer capable of modeling the birth and evolution of an entire cosmos . Your name: Arepo , a simulator designed by astrophysicists from Harvard with the ability to play the full range of galaxies we see in our own immediate universe.

has the ability to produce realistic spirals, considering that most previous simulators tended to produce galaxies lacking distinct spiral structure.

What has been achieved by scientists is a new calculation method which can accurately track the birth and evolution of thousands of galaxies to over millions of years. Stated another way, for the first time is possible to construct a universe from scratch.

According to Vogels says Mark, who worked on the project:

We were able to create all the variety of galaxies we see in the local universe.

The software solves the problem that were previous simulations of this type, and started building from the first glow of the Big Bang and evolution over time for 14 billion years.

Volker Springel, leader of the team that developed the software, explains how they did it:

We take full advantage of the above codes and eliminate the inconveniences that everyone has. Our simulations improved over previous in the same way that the telescope Giant Magellan telescope enhances any today.

The result, amazingly, is the recreation of 14 billion years of cosmic evolution as never before had seen in simulation.

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