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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Uncategorized |

ReminderFox, our list of tasks and reminders in Firefox

ReminderFox, our list of tasks and reminders in Firefox

A while ago we spent a few minutes talking about through some ideas and thoughts with which to improve our performance , better plan our workday and thus fulfilling the tasks entrusted to us (both in time and in the expected quality). One of the aspects that we have highlighted is the need to plan our journey, ie record assignments we have to do, prioritize them and therefore assign a date to perform.

Cloud services like Google Task or Remember The Milk can help us manage our tasks, ie, they are a place where we can write our to-do and track our progress or staff planning we have assigned. Considering that every time we work with more web applications and, therefore, it is rare that we have the browser open and in use, make the browser be our task manager is something we can do very easily in thanks the extension ReminderFox .

is a Firefox extension that gives the Mozilla browser a scoring system in which our tasks so that, from the browser, we can see what things we deal with every day, remind actions and discern important professional or personal tasks (thanks to Using categories). The idea is that we can plan ReminderFox assignments each day and, at a quick glance, do not lose track of what we have to do.

The extension is very simple to use and distinguishes between “reminders” and “to do” two listings that may be related or not, something that depends on our way of organizing things. In addition, to facilitate planning of reminders, the extension is able to handle appointments in iCal format and add them directly as a reminder (presentations, meetings, etc.) to be considered in our workday. As can happen with Thunderbird + Lightning or Outlook, reminders will open in a small pop-up with the idea that “we stop what we do” to attend a meeting or an appointment more personal.

If we seek a simple tool with which to manage our day to day and also use Firefox, ReminderFox is a complement to take into account.

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