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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Reply Batch for Gmail, an extension to answer emails massively

Reply Batch for Gmail, an extension to answer emails massively

Today it is not uncommon that many users use accounts of for personal use or as a form of contact for their business, their blogs or even to create an email account associated with an event. Perhaps a personal level we have spent a lot but most professional level, no wonder we receive a number of emails responding ended with a similar message. One way to answer messages en masse is sending a mass mailing (using some mencanismo, for example, on our website) or send an e putting the Bcc recipients (Bcc) for not revealing their addresses but, in both cases , the process can be somewhat tedious. If you use Google Chrome, as well as Gmail, we can use an extension to make this process much easier and answer more than one message at a time .

Reply Batch for Gmail , which is the name of this extension for Google Chrome, introduces a simple modification to the Gmail interface giving us the opportunity to answer more than one email at a time. The idea is simple, if we take into our inbox several emails to respond (eg send us something and we want to provide a confirmation of receipt), all you have to do is select (checking the box) and you will see a button again to answer them together.

After pressing this button will open a new window to draft a reply and we will see how to mail recipients are the same senders of messages selected, that is, that each of the recipients will receive a copy of the message that we will send .

The lens is quite good, reply to messages from the massive and, the truth is that there is nothing wrong this extension works, yes, it would be much better than the selected messages in our inbox (messages that are going to respond marcasen as read and that, in addition, the response was stored in each message threads “origin” (for easy reading of emails from our inbox).

What about permits? This detail is important because seeing that with this extension we are able to handle messages and therefore massively answer them think anyone is surprised if we said that the extension has access to data stored in Gmail by users ( a detail that is often not liked by users) -

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