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Reply Manager, track responses to your emails from Thunderbird

Reply Manager, track responses to your emails from Thunderbird

The e-mail has become a vital communication tool for many professionals who, throughout their working day, have a good time in front of your inbox in Outlook, Thunderbird, Google Apps or any mobile device. Throughout the day, sure, send emails to those who expect a response and give us a margin of a few days before asking the recipient if they received or remind you we are looking forward to your reply. While this type of monitoring can become tasks that we must include in our to-do, Reply Manager we can make things easier by integrating into our calendar reminders in Thunderbird .

When we talk about how to better manage our email commented that mail messages we should transform them into “something else”, for example, a task, or reminder information processing and archiving. In the case that we’re the ones who generate the message, a good proportion of the emails we send Implicit in the need for a response, for example, sending a report or a proposal to a client. In these cases, after a reasonable time turn to contact the recipient of the message we sent requesting more information or asking if you received the message or has analyzed what he enclose, a task that usually point in our agenda to track the work done .

Such tasks can be within our GTD system , in our notebook or as events in Lightning (if we use Thunderbird). If we use the mail client Mozilla Lightning beside we can integrate these monitoring tasks on schedule and manage the emails in the inbox and sent messages, we can perform integration by extending Reply Manager which, among other things, allows us to set a deadline date for the expected response (and receive a prompt to restore contact), control which recipients have responded to the message we send and what they have not done or locate within our messages, those who are awaiting response.

At first glance it may seem that perhaps the extent Reply Manager is redundant with our task management but, personally, I think it’s a very interesting for those who have a close relationship with its customers and perform follow up the proposals or offers sending (noting reminders to survey their customers).

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