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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Technology |

Researchers are working on a robot police to patrol the streets

Researchers are working on a robot police to patrol the streets

In 1987, at the hands of Paul Verhoeven, coming to theaters worldwide the movie RoboCop , dystopian film in which the corporation OCP uses the body a fallen police on duty to develop a cyborg, a new police blending the power of a robot with the experience of a real cop: RoboCop. The plot of the movie, which by the way is getting a remake , is pure fiction but perhaps we are not so far from seeing a police robot act or at least that’s the intention of a research project being carried out Florida International University Naval Reserve with the U.S. Navy.

Although it may seem like something out of the world of science fiction, is becoming common to use robots to conduct surveillance ( South Korea uses them as “prison officials” ) and, following this same path, the Discovery Lab Florida International University is to develop a program to use robots controlled by police officers who suffer a disability or veterans.

These “avatars” (based on telepresence, ie remote) could be used in patrol and surveillance work, leveraging the expertise of police and soldiers, for their injuries or sequelae, can not serve so active. The project, developed with the Naval Reserve U.S. Navy, has received $ 20,000 in addition to the loan financing of two robots in development (general purpose programmable robots) valued at half a million dollars (coming from the IHMC ). The idea is quite interesting is a good way to reuse the knowledge of soldiers and policemen who can not provide a service directly active and that, otherwise, could not contribute (or continue the work of their lives).

The aim is that these robots to patrol the streets, go to an incoming call in emergencies, putting parking tickets or even conduct surveillance and patrol the perimeter protection of special facilities (such as nuclear power plants).

The biggest design challenge we face is the same challenge faced by any police officer patrolling the streets every day. The telebot should look intimidating and authoritarian enough for people to follow your instructions because, ultimately, who is behind the robot is a police officer that controls it. [...] On the other hand, must appear close to a child under 3 years lost approach the robot so that it will help him find his mother

For now, the project will focus on the programming of robots rather than designing one made and, with that idea, will work with both units provided by the IHMC (two robots have been used in military applications and industrial environments). Besides the technical aspect, a robot is set to patrol the streets has legal implications should also be studied and require, surely, of a special regulation.

looks like or are not as far from reality as you might think, and perhaps, without a doubt, is an important initiative that the knowledge and experience of retired police officers is not lost.

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